This page contains single, or stand-alone, components. These are models or CAD files of a specific object. Often I create these when I want to use them in another model, such as furniture to use in a house plan. Even so, many of these items are complicated enough to be considered as full stand alone models.


40' ISBU
I'm an advocate of what is known as "shipping container houses". This is a simplified model of one to use in my concept plans. The simplified model means better (faster) results on my old computer.
yard light 2 Bulb Yard Light
A 2 bulb exterior light fixture to use in SketchUp models.
pulley Rope and Pulley
A Component to use in SketchUp models (I made this one for the Stilt Playhouse model).
fence Dynamic Chain Link Fence
A Dynamic Component to use in SketchUp models.
Coat Hook Double Coat Hook
This is a simple "double" coat hook I made to use in my models (See Coat Rack).
3 shelf rack 3 Typical Racks
I created a complete set of the various aluminum racks used in food handling locations for the walk-in freezer model.
Outdoor Sign Typical Wood Pallet
A model of a typical wood pallet.
Outdoor Sign Outdoor Aluminum Sign
A model of an outdoor sign frame.



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