ISBUI'm Scott Austin and this is my portfolio site. It's purpose is to be a place to consolidate some of my work to share with folks. I hope you enjoy looking around.
Initially, I'm going to keep this site limited to graphic related creations. At some time in the future I may start putting up scripts and programs I've written as well. I have a wide range of content. Projects include architectural drawings, furniture designs, and graphic art. Many projects are 3D models. Some are of complete structures, others are components for use in other models. You will also find a few of my ISBU, or shipping container, house models that I like playing with.
This site is a "work in progress". I still have many projects I haven't posted yet. If you find it interesting, check back from time to time to see what's new.

I use many file formats when working with graphics, however the images used on this site will be primarily .png or .jpeg for better browser compatibility. I won't be posting my original .dwg files. I also use Adobe's .pdf file format a lot to share plans. Most folks have Adobe reader, but if you don't you will need to get it to view those files.

For displaying my 3D models, I'm using a browser based 3D model viewer called Teleporter by Hypercosm.
It works great, however I want to note a couple of drawbacks specific to the free version I'm using (The full version is awesome, but above my reach):

I optimize the models for better download speeds and frame rates so the models I'm posting on this site may have less textures or details than my original models. A fully rendered high quality model can be rather large and difficult to display on older computers and definitely increases download times.

I have noted that sometimes a model loads in the viewer missing textures (seems to happen in my Firefox more than IE). My guess is that this is simply some glitch in the delay of downloading the applet (I'm on a slow connection). It's random, and is often resolved by reloading the page because at that point it'll (try to) pull the texture image from your cache .

The basics for interacting with the 3D models are simple. Left click/hold to Orbit and right click/hold to Pan. Mouse wheel Zooms. More advanced options are available via the menu at the bottom of the 3D viewer. If you have trouble viewing a complicated model, try changing the rendering options (Menu: Graphics/Rendering/Monochrome).
Some models have preset camera positions. Click the Camera icon to access them. is a non-commercial site. I'm not a company, I'm not selling anything, I don't even run Google ads (although with the traffic I'm getting lately maybe I should). This site is my "Refrigerator Space". A place where I can pin my drawings up and say "Look what I did". :)
I'm not an architect, engineer, or consultant. I'm a construction guy who likes to dream in 3D and learned how to do it on a computer. In regards to any of my house drawings: I have done true construction prints in the past, but you won't find that type of stuff here. These are just things I have done "playing". A few are true copies of existing structures, but my concept designs are exactly that- concepts not engineered plans. Use common sense, don't take something you see here and think it's going to work without doing your own homework.

Important Update: Work has been a tad slow lately. I've been toying with the idea of selling a few simple wood project construction plans to help keep this site up. I seriously doubt I'll make a big deal out of it, but I've changed a few pages with that in mind. These will only be for simple wood projects not any house designs. Stay Tuned...




All images on this site are property of and may not be used by anyone else.

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