Rope and Pulley - Click Image for Enlarged View
Rope and Pulley

Rope and Pulley on Pivot Hinge- 3D Model (2009) (This is the link to open the 3D model in the Hypercosm viewer. It will open in a new tab/window.)

Another component to use in SketchUp. I made this one to use in my Stilt Playhouse model. The idea is to place the pulley on a pivot arm, put a bucket on the end of the rope, and a child can use it to haul stuff up and down into the playhouse instead of attempting to climb the ladder while carrying things. The swing arm idea is to allow the bucket to swing in over the deck, and then back out to lower. This prevents the child from having to lean out over the railings to retrieve the bucket.
An item not modeled, but would most likely be required in a real-world scenario is some form of rope guide to prevent the rope from jumping out of the pulley. If this was built around a standard pulley, that would most likely already exist on the purchased pulley.



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