Creating drawings is fun. The only thing that makes it any better is actually building something that I created on the computer in real wood. This is my collection of wood projects that I've made models of (or visa-versa).

For some the of the simpler designs I've created construction plans that for a couple of dollars you can download and then build your own. * Coming Soon- It's not in place yet.

I intentionally don't go into great detail about things like what wood to choose, how to cut a board, what stain or paint to use, etc..
That's up to you.
But to touch on a couple of basics:
Go to your local store and all that standard wood you'll see will be Pine. Pine is a very soft wood, abundant, and not expensive. This means it's easy to sand, and doesn't make you cringe if you mess a piece up (a few dollars a board isn't too bad).
You should also be aware that things in the lumber section aren't exactly what they say they are. A 2" x 4" board is actually only 3 1/2" wide. This is true for almost all wood. If it says 1" x 12", it's most likely going to be 11 1/2". Plywood and panels are the same with the thickness, but they are typically measured in 1/16" or 1/32". Go figure.
My personal preference is to stain wood. I like seeing the wood grains in my projects and also feel if you paint something you always have to worry about matching colors in your home.
If you own power tools, it's up to you to learn how to use them safely.

Enjoy :)


Shoe Rack Simple Shoe Rack
A model of an easy-to-build shoe rack.
Downloadable Plans Coming Soon
coat rack Shelf With Coat Hooks
A simple yet nice looking shelf with 3 coat hooks underneath.
TV Corner Unit TV Corner Unit
A TV Corner Unit model I made to build from.


*The plans are in simple .pdf format. They can be printed on standard letter sized printer paper. There is no software protection so yes, it's possible to share it with everyone. I'm going with the honor system here. If you send it to a friend and (s)he likes it, ask him/her to stop by my website and pay the couple dollars. It gives me a good feeling to know I've created something useful to people and I plan on using the money to keep this site running. Thanks.


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