This page contains some of my graphic art creations.


These images are of the posters I created that are on sale at (which is also my creation). These represent months of work. Backgrounds were made containing many layers to achieve the desired effect. Each individual element such as the tree or dragonfly were made to use in the background. Each little icon for the definitions was made pixel by pixel. Then the definitions themselves had to be written. I made a database just to keep up with them. Then it all had to be arranged and prepared for the print shop. I recreated the icons and rewrote each definition in my own words to avoid any plagiarism issues. The caption below each image is the Japanese quote on that poster. The final products were professionally printed at a large scale production facility.
To keeps things honest, I did have a friend help on some of the icons. At the same time I was making these posters I was building the web site itself and there was just so much work I was getting behind schedule.
"The Beginning is Most Important"
"Beginning is Easy, Continuing is Hard"
"To Teach is to Learn "
"The Hawk with Talent Hides it's Talons"
A Quick Study Guide


These images are some random items I've made that are related to the project
EzC Logo
This is one of the logos made for EzCandlesticks.
This is one of several test backgrounds for the poster project that never got used.
This collage was used in an ad campaign.
This little guy was made from a color photograph in a science book. A lot of creative editing and...


IOW For awhile I ran a CMS based fan site for the game World of Warcraft. The site belonged to the Guild "Innocents of War". This was a titlebar image I created for it. The site has been gone a few years now.


A few (many?) years ago I was a big fan of a game called Morrowind. From what I hear, it's still going strong with new expansion packs, etc. One of the great things about that game was that, like Warcraft, it supported user created scripts known as "mods". Naturally I had to make one. My mod focused on a very annoying aspect of the game. To try to keep it short- In the game you could collect weapons, you had a "house", you had no where to display those weapons (just had to drop them on the floor), so I wanted to make a "weapons rack". This project involved making the 3D models, textures, and supporting script. I managed to lose the final models during one of my computer swaps, but I found these first draft exports in an old email. These particular models were results from a collaboration effort with my brother. This ability is now a standard item in the game, so my work is defunct anyway.
image image image image
The guy was from the game files.


In the early 2000's I owned a computer/networking business. I called it Holistic Computer Solutions, or HCS for short. I kept the web site for it simple, mostly using the standard pictures of happy customers, biz people shaking hands, etc. Below are a few graphics that I did produce for it. I was so busy running the company I didn't have much "play time". The contact information in these items is years out of date. Please don't try the phone numbers/addresses, they aren't mine anymore.
This was a small logo I used a lot.
This collage was a mock-up for the print shop to make vehicle signage.
I used this one in various places. Folks were always asking why I used the name I did. The definition says it all.
The image to the left is a standard A+ badge. It links to an item that is not a true stand alone graphic, but merits recognition just the same. It is a tri-panel brochure I created for HCS. The link will open it as a PDF in a new tab/window.



icon For several years I ran a computer tech site called (circa 2000-2006). Breaks my heart to say it's gone now, that was my favorite site. These are some old banner .gifs I made for it. The little file cabinet icon you see everywhere is actually a doctored up system icon I found. It was so perfect I adopted it on almost everything.
See the site- sort of: (circa 2003)
banner gif banner gif
banner gif banner gif
banner gif banner gif
banner gif banner gif




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