Scott My Patch My name is Scott Austin. I wrote my first computer program in the early 80's while in junior high school, on a Radio Shack build-your-own computer that hooked up to a TV. In 1985 I created what is now known as a GUI, using BASIC on a TRS-80. I submitted it as a school science fair project and it was in the national finals ('85). Recently I built a WAMP server (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) from scratch to use at home. I used old PC parts in a 2U rack mount server box I had. I didn't use the software with the same name (WAMP). I installed and configured each component on my own.
I walked onto my first construction job in 1989. Shortly thereafter I began working as an industrial electrician, mostly on what is known as "shut-downs". My life has had a firm foot-hold in both construction and IT.
Although I never went beyond high school, with the exception of a few certificate courses here and there, I am extremely proficient with computers. I can build, repair, program, and use them as what we call a "super user". The same thing is paralleled in the construction world. I never got my contractor's license but I've been a certified Journeyman Industrial Electrician since 1994. I take the term "Journeyman" to heart. I'm an old-school craftsman who takes pride in a finished product.
In construction, I began as a green helper, and went thru the ranks. I've been leadman, foreman, general foreman, and project superintendent. I have a distinct style on a job site. I'm always innovating and helping to make things more efficient. Often the improvements I create incorporate my computer skills. A simple example is an Excel file I made many years ago for electricians. To keep it brief, it made really nice printable electrical panel schedules in a way that tracked changes.
My other talent lies in what this site is hopefully presenting to you. I'm a very creative and visually orientated person. In high school I took 2 yrs. of drafting and 2yrs. computer programming. I worked a year+ as a draftsman in the early 90's. That employer didn't use CAD. Everything was done on Vellum (paper). Over the years I've done countless CAD and graphic related projects.
In the early 2000's, I built and ran a computer repair service business. Along the same time, I built and maintained a computer tech web site. My exceptional computer skills combined with almost 2 decades of construction experience gives me a rather unique and valuable skill set.

I have also done numerous web sites over the years. Sadly, they're all gone now. Web sites come and go. Other than this basic site, there is currently only one other site that I've created still up and running: You might note, if you really dig into that site, that it is actually three different sites seamlessly blended together. There is the main storefront section that is a basic HTML/Javascript site. Then there is the "Lounge" section that is a CMS, or database driven and PHP, portal site. Then there is another storefront section that is a redirect to (which is an out-of-box production e-commerce site). All the graphic, textual, and web work on those sites are my creation. Although to keep it honest- my sites are built like most everyone else's. I use various components from other people such as Java apps and some javascripts. Those are typically noted as such in the source code.

I also have a Google Desktop Gadget that I created that can be found at
It currently has over 44,000 users.

Some additional files I have created can be found at This is a link to my public files at I like using it because it gives me easy reports on downloads etc.

Another passion of mine is alternative/sustainable living. In the late 90's I lived in the mountains off-grid for over a year. Roughing it as I did is not an option for everyone, but that experience gave me many insights that I try to incorporate into my designs.
My current interest is in a water wheel design from the 1700's I recently "discovered" that has me very excited about building. I'm hoping to build a proof-of-concept model this season and share.

I enjoy creating something from nothing- be it in wood or binary. An idea in my head becomes a colorful and tangible object that others can see. The modern advancements in 3D modeling have taken that to unprecedented levels of possibilities.
It's a Good Thing. :)




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