3 Typical Freezer Racks - Click Images for Enlarged View
dunnage rack
two shelf
three shelf

3 Typical Freezer Racks 3D Model (2011) (This is the link to open the 3D model in the Hypercosm viewer. It will open in a new tab/window.)


I created a set of the various welded aluminum racks used in food handling locations for the Freezer drawing project. My complete set contains each design above with 20" and 24" depths, and 36", 48", and 60" lengths. For this page, I limited the model to 3 racks. The model depicts units that are 20" deep x 48" wide (or long) and are drawn with what seems to be the most prevalent construction methods. They are based on 3/16” thick Aluminum for all parts.

In the 3D model are the three basic racks shown in the pictures above.

It has been my observation that the actual dimensions of rack widths and depths vary between manufacturers, sometimes as much as half an inch (That really makes precise planning difficult with mixed racks). The heights do seem consistent. The actual construction of the racks varies as well, particularly in exactly how they use the angle braces (this accounts for the variations). The "planks" in the shelves are hollow square tube.



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