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... For some time now I've been having fun playing with ISBU (or shipping container) based structures. I have tons of them, but feel most aren't worth sharing. They are almost all framework only. Most of the time I don't feel like putting too much time in the interior decorating of a model. Yea, it makes for a pretty model but I'm more interested in how they (ISBUs) fit together, what is efficient, what is actually 'doable' for middle class folks like me. You can figure out where to put the book shelf on your own. :)
Having said that, I do want to put more content on this site, so I've been revisiting my folders and picking a few out to "clean up" and make presentable. Stay Tuned...

One thing I really want to point out. I've seen countless models of ISBU houses, particularly on the Google Warehouse for SketchUp. Many of them look great- until you start thinking about how would you actually build it (or even live in it- glass walls, seriously?). They toss the containers across each other, balance them all over the place, overhangs, tilts, etc. Sure, with enough money you can do anything but that kinda defeats the point of using an ISBU in the first place. My ideas mostly look like a stack of ISBUs, because that's exactly what it is. These things are strong on the corners. If you toss one container across the middle of another one, you better plan on welding some support in. Some of my plans do land a container across the middle of one, or least not directly on a corner support- but I draw a piece of angle steel, and possibly a vertical as well, indicating it's welded in. The point is, if you are seriously thinking about building something like an ISBU house, keep the design true to the materials. If you want to get funky, skip the container. -Unless you're a big company with $ to burn and just want to get the press coverage of a "Green Building", lol. ...Wish I could get some of that funding for a really great low income multi-dwelling idea I've played with for a few years now. That would be a Good Thing. :)


kennel_arch Dog Kennel with 20' x 60' steel arch
This is one of several models I've created over the years for a dog kennel. This one has a simple yet efficient layout and is based on a steel arch roof on CMUs.
kennel_arch Dog Kennel using 3 ISBUs
Another dog kennel. This one is based on using 3 ISBUs, and is a rather complex model because I actually "decorated" this one. :)
Stilt Playhouse
An exercise of "stick building" a 3D model using real world construction techniques. In other words the structure isn't a 3D cube, it's 2x4s, plywood, railings, etc. All wood is drawn as a piece of wood and (I feel) the building is a viable structure. This is a highly detailed model that took a lot of time to create.
Turfgrass House - NCSU
This is a replication of a real world structure on the NCSU campus.
Home Depot/Lowe's Shed
A reproduction of one of those pre-made sheds.
carols Carol's House
A standard floorplan and 3D rendering of a house, circa 2002.
7 ISBU House 7 ISBU House
One of my prototype models of a house constructed from shipping containers.
ISBU House - Sunburst ISBU House - Sunburst
A 12000 sq. ft. prototype model of a house constructed from shipping containers.
2 ISBU Shop 2 ISBU Shop
A simple design for a shop using 2 40' ISBUs and a steel arch roof.
Big Shop Big Shop
The structure is based on 15 40' ISBU units and 12 20' units. The center of the first and second floors are open, creating a large shop/garage.
freezer A Walk-In Freezer
This is a 3D duplication of a real world grocery store walk-in freezer.



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