Dynamic Chain Link Fence - Click Image for Enlarged View
Dynamic Chain Link Fence Component

Dynamic Chain Link Fence - 3D Model (2008) (This is the link to open the 3D model in the Hypercosm viewer. It will open in a new tab/window.)


Another component to use in SketchUp. It represents a steel pole and a section of chain link fencing. I originally made this one to use in my Kennel models. However, due to the high CPU requirements of the total Kennel model (it contains a lot of fencing) I opted to use a simple flat face and a photo texture for the fencing in it. And after all that work on this one... oh well. It was a great exercise in creating a SketchUp Dynamic component*.

*Although this model will appear very simple in the viewer what you cannot see is the best thing about this component. SketchUp supports something called Dynamic Components. In simple terms, these are components (or 3D objects) that have scripts attached to them. To use my fence as an example, once placed in a model you can select the fence and then set parameters. In other words I can take my fence exactly as you see it in the model and say "Make it 48" high, 20' long with a post every 5' " and presto! When I started on this one, I did find some fence models that other folks had made. However all the ones I found were buggy. I worked on this for days to get it just right. I never did post it on the Google Warehouse- probably outdated by now anyway.



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