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(ISBU Quick Facts) Shipping containers are officially called ISBUs (Intermodal Steel Building Units) .

This model is a very simple design idea I've had for some time using 2 40' ISBUs and a 40' wide SteelMaster arch. The footprint of this design is 40'x40' (plus a few inches if you properly place the units on a concrete slab/footer).
I don't consider this a complete model, so I'm not posting the 3D yet. It's just something I tossed together one night. I enjoy both wood and mechanical work, so the shops in my model have elements of both.

The images give you the general idea. Take 2 40' ISBUs, put an arch over them, and you have an instant shop. I love using the arches for roofs in my designs. They just make so much more sense than a flat roof. By using the SteelMaster type arch, you can eliminate trusses and gain a lot of useable area.

In this design, the area over the ISBU's roofs becomes great storage area. Although it (clearance from the arch) is low at the outer edges, it would be perfect for putting lumber in a safe and out of the way place. The roof is 8' so it's a great place for storing plywood and paneling flat as it should be, something that is often difficult in home shops with limited area. With the 40' length of the ISBU, storing metal stock or long pipes/conduits in this area on top of the ISBU is also possible.

In a complete design, the ends of the shop would be enclosed with hanger style doors. SteelMaster has some pre-made hanger style doors that would serve this purpose nicely, and could be designed by their team to bolt right in with the arches.

As with all my designs, I would use radiant heat tubes in the slab. I did not draw the boiler unit that would be required for that type of system. Perhaps it could be located in a utility shed outside (with the air compressor perhaps).
A small air compressor could be placed inside, but in this design I opted for a large industrial unit. These things can be rather loud so I've placed mine outside. It would undoubtedly be a good idea to at least cover it with a shed roof.

I opted for the surface mount car lift in this design to keep it simple.

In did not make the models of the shop equipment. Those came from the Google Warehouse. The cars are the simple built-in ones from SketchUp. As I said, this was just a quick one-evening concept exercise.



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