Turfgrass House - NCSU - Click Images for Enlarged View

Turfgrass - PDF Plans (2006) (This is the link to open the PDF plans. It will open in a new tab/window.)
The 3D images are static images generated from CAD. I did not create a true interactive 3D model of this project. It's on my "rainy day" list, but that list is rather long. :)


Some years ago I worked as an electrician at NCSU in the construction shop. One of the projects I worked on was called Turfgrass. In short, the Turfgrass department of NCSU had acquired some land with an old farm house on it. Part of the project was a renovation of this house to convert it to administration offices.
The drawings here are something I did on my own at home, not job related. I would go home after work and work on my drawings for fun.
At some point in time during the construction project, I showed the Turfgrass department director my drawings. To be honest I was hoping, through networking, I might get a job offer out of it. Although there was no official recognition of my work it did make my day when, after the renovation project was completed, that same director came up to me and complimented my CAD work. He was impressed how accurately my predictive renderings matched the real world finished product. Not a career offer- but it was still nice to hear. :)



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