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Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack

Simple Shoe Rack - 3D Model (2010) (This is the link to open the 3D model in the Hypercosm viewer. It will open in a new tab/window.)


This model depicts a simple shoe rack that's easy to build (I've actually built a few). It uses common 1"x12" and 1"x4" pine boards. Not shown are the screws. That would add a lot of extra geometry to the model that's not really needed for this project. I used 2 screws in the end of each slat, countersunk into the vertical end piece.

This is a good example of creating exploded views and construction plans using SketchUp and LayOut.

Build Your Own!
I've made downloadable plans for this project so you can enjoy that satisfaction that comes from making something yourself. You just can't buy that feeling in a dept. store. This is an excellent beginner project, and the product is quite useful.
The plans are in a .PDF format and are laid out for printing on standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper (standard Letter size paper).

I'm in the process of getting the shopping cart together now. Should be active in next couple of days.



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